Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Back to Basics - OOP Development with AS3

I was recently asked to explain some OOP concepts even though I have been using OOP for a long while now, and found verbally I couldn't explain this, probably due to myself not ever learning UML and OOP "formally".

So I have tasked myself to go back to basic and re-teach myself the core basics of OOP.

The frist 3 things I was told to thoroughly understand was :
  1.  Inheritance
  2. Aggregation
  3. Composition.
I then to know what an Interface is and how Abstraction is used.

This was a fun and daunting task I thought with my 10 years of development experience this should be be pretty straight forward. Nonetheless here it is.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flex 4+ Gradient Backgrounds for CSS and ActionScript 3.0

Hi, I have decided to post and create this blog to share knowledge surrounding my discoveries regarding new Flex 4 development.

My colleague and I were struggling with GRADIENT Backgrounds for CSS integration with Flex 4.
I searched countless forums and went throught countless examples of skinning etc, etc.

To create a Gradient function you could use something like this:

public function setGradientFill (p_Color:String):void {

case "Pink":
grad1 = new GradientEntry(0xCC6699);
grad2= new GradientEntry(0x666666);
case "Blue":
grad1 = new GradientEntry(0x019fc2);
grad2 = new GradientEntry(0x003366);
case "Green":
grad1 = new GradientEntry(0x00CC00);
grad2 = new GradientEntry(0x666666);
case "Black":
grad1 = new GradientEntry(0x000000);
grad2 = new GradientEntry(0x666666);
grad1.ratio = 0.15;
grad2.ratio = 0.95;
linearGrad = new LinearGradient();
linearGrad.entries = [grad1, grad2];
linearGrad.rotation = 90; as ButtonSkin).buttonContainer.backgroundFill = linearGrad;


To set it in the MXML FOR CSS:
Use getStyle with you variable name.

<s:LinearGradient rotation="90" id="GradFillGreen">
<s:GradientEntry color="{getStyle('gradColor1')}" ratio="0.15" alpha="1"/>
<s:GradientEntry color="{getStyle('gradColor2')}" ratio="0.95" alpha="0.3"/>

Use those variable and apply.

._Assets s|BorderContainer
color: #FFFFFF;
fontFamily: Tahoma;
fontSize: 12;
fontStyle: normal;
fontWeight: bold;
gradColor1: #019FC2;
gradColor2: #666666;

These are only parts of a greater whole but these bits should be enough to explain of how the CSS implementation works.